Our Core Values

Who are we?

A Chef and a loving mother of two.
Mama’s passion for food began in her motherland fourty four years ago.
She always watched and helped her Mama and GrandMama cook and experiment with traditional meals. She gathered recipes during these times and brought them to the heart of Sydney.
With a modern twist and a touch of love, Mama has served these recipes for twenty five years to the Australian community

We Pursue Excellence

With over twenty five years of experience, Mama’s has obeyed her strict policy on the quality and freshness of her food. Growing up in the industry, she has trained many by role modelling hygienic practices and always aiming for quality and taste.

Mama’s Catering only uses fresh produce fused with our creativity, love, passion and professional service.

We Create Fun

We want to make the process fun and easy for our clients so Mama’s has given the option in personalising your own menu for your special event.
We work together in the process and find the most suitable foods that work well with your event type, theme and colour code.
It’s that simple, tell us about your event, what you would like, and we’ll have it there for you!


Mama’s catering caters around the greater Sydney metropolitan area including Central Coast and South Coast.